Anna Stout for Congress

Anna Stout for Congress

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From Colorado. For Colorado.

Anna Stout grew up in Grand Junction. She went to high school there, waited tables there, graduated college there, and continues to contribute to the community and build her life there. She will bring our Colorado values of hard work, self-reliance, and getting things done to Congress — with a vision for a bright future so our ranchers, farmers and hard working families can stay, succeed and thrive. As the only woman on the City Council and as the Mayor of the biggest city in Western Colorado, she helped turn Grand Junction around. Now, she’s running for Congress to serve Colorado, not MAGA or herself. Anna Stout for Congress.

Getting Things Done for the People She Serves

As Mayor, Anna has a proven record of bringing people together to get things done. From building new housing and expanding childcare opportunities, to turning the junkyard she passed everyday on the way to school into a riverfront development, Anna is tackling the challenges so many of our communities face. Her work with leaders and citizens of all political parties in Grand Junction has resulted in better housing, greater open space and revitalization of the downtown area. But most importantly, it has brought everyday people together to have greater pride in their city.

It is time for a Democrat rooted in Colorado values with real work experience and a proven track record to go to Congress for us. Anna Stout for Congress.

Anna Stout chatting with a constituent

Help Us Defeat Lauren Boebert

Lauren Boebert has failed Colorado. While she serves herself and the MAGA extremists, Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District pays the price. We deserve a voice in Congress who will work for us. Anna Stout has proven that she can get things done for the people she serves. 

Anna Stout chatting with a constituent
Anna Stout with a group of constituents

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Anna’s counting on your support to defeat Lauren Boebert so that neighbors have a congresswoman who will fight for them as she’s done throughout her career. 

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